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From Petition Organizer Stephen Brackens-Brinkley on why it is so important to sign:

“In Gaza, the attack one year ago gave the same result as one of the nuclear bombs that was dropped on Japan in 1945.

It has been over one year and, despite Israeli promises to rebuild, in the devastated areas not a single repair has been made, not even one destroyed structure rebuilt.

Gaza has been under an Israeli blockade since 2006- meaning the Gaza population does not have free access to even leave or enter their own country. Palestinians in Gaza are virtual prisoners in their own country. The economy of Gaza is destroyed with virtually no exports allowed, extremely limited imports , only one working water filtration plant which is failing due to the allocated six hours of electricity per day by Israel.”

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In the West Bank, illegal Israeli settlers, who are in violation of the 4th Geneva Convention and the Rome Statute by building there, carry arms, continue to expand settlements on Palestinian land at an alarming rate while importing, from the United States, radical extremist youths to reside, in outposts, also illegal, with the main purpose to induce fear, terror, intimidation while committing violent acts without recourse, resulting in the total eradication of the Palestinian Arab Population.

To this end, the nightly attacks embarked upon by these youths, reign terror into the Arab neighborhoods, by setting fires to Palestinian homes, creating disturbances and hoping to catch weak, solitary or otherwise disadvantaged victim or victims for kidnapping, assault, torture , and/or murder.

The Israeli military forces themselves have an open policy of daily subjugation tactics that include beating, intimidating, and abducting the civilian population which they do with impunity.

Those who bear the brunt of these tactics are the male Palestinian youths, but recently, increasingly more and more of their victims have been women, the elderly, the disabled, and especially the children.

“A United Nations protection force is absolutely vital and necessary for the survival of the Palestinian Arab population.” -Stephen Brackens-Brinkley

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Imagine where you live is Gaza, not where you live now…

You are trapped. You cannot leave. You are facing food insecurity along with 70% of the population.

With an average unemployment rate of 48%, and the cutting of funds, you have to choose between shelter and food for your family.

Your little sister is sick but there are only 17 hospitals and clinics able to serve 1.8 million people.

You find out your little sister needs life-saving surgery but the equipment needed for the operation was destroyed during the war.

Meanwhile, there are no books for the children to study and because so many schools were damaged during the wars, the children only receive four hours of instruction a day.

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Do you think the West Bank or East Jerusalem is any better?

A geographical area equivalent to Delaware in the United States is surrounded by an illegal separation (aka apartheid) wall that the Rome Statute under the ICC has stated is a war crime:

You are forced to use a separate road system that is interconnected with 630 obstacles that include trenches, checkpoints, roadblocks, road closures with massive earth mounds, detours, and road gates that completely prevent entrance.

You must wait at each checkpoint to seek permission to travel into the next sector: to travel just a few miles could take more than 24 hours. This means most families have become disconnected.

bthechange and demand un force to Palestine

You and your children are subject to either the Israeli military justice system in the West Bank or the Israeli justice system in East Jerusalem. Either way, the rules, and laws are constantly changing where you are denied legal representation while you languish in illegal detention which you must navigate the process yourself in Hebrew, not your native language and it does not matter even if you are a child.

Military abductions of children, young people, and adults happen every day and night where the systems that take you do not document you or give you access to family or legal representation.

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You and your family are subjected not to just a menacing military force but also the illegal Israeli settlers who are not just permitted to carry semi-automatic weapons but now have special permits to shoot and kill you if they think you are “suspicious”.

These settlers regularly attack you with their vehicles, weapons, threats, and intimidation including burning you alive with your family in your home as you are sleeping. And meanwhile, the military force occupying you looks the other way in spite of international law that it must protect you and provide security.

And while all this happening… Israel, the Israeli military forces, and the illegal Israeli settlers are stealing your resources of water and land, while destroying your crops including thousand-year-old olive trees.

And if that is not enough…

… the world ignores your situation. That in spite of the United Nations that reports frequently on your suffering, the same United Nations that issued under UNISPAL that you can not militarize or carry weapons, leaving you unarmed and unprotected, shrugs their shoulders.

The truth is that seven decades of genocide is still happening under open policies of hate indoctrination and Israeli-imposed suffering with Israeli impunity, supported by the world’s complicity of silence.

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