why Palestine?

Down through the years many have inquired,

Why Palestine?

They have asked, why did you decide to enter the Palestinian struggle and devote your time and energy to this particular cause for the last 36 years?

Could it be that Palestine is the last, modern day example of the evil that is settler-colonialism, with a powerful non-native entity illegally occupying a land and forcing its will on an indigenous people, one that is guilty of ethnic-cleansing, oppression, repression and genocide?

Could it be that you are conscious of a time in the history of your own country when the exact thing happened and you feel it so deeply in your own soul that you will do anything humanly possible to prevent the same horror from repeating itself?

That your soul resonates with “this MUST NOT HAPPEN AGAIN?”

Could it be that you are very aware that your homeland is and has been funding the human tragedy in Palestine and this sickens you to the very core of your being and you believe that if the evil of the Zionist objective is stopped then humanity may have a chance of salvation?

Could it be that your homeland is funding this horror in violation of its own federal laws and has allowed a foreign government to take control while simultaneously allowing the entity to take over the minds of its citizens so completely that now your country and its people are also suffering from a foreign malevolent occupation?

Being occupied to the extent that it places the will of the foreign occupier before the best interests of its own citizens and prevents any and all efforts to hold the foreigner accountable for its crimes even vetoing any suggestion of investigation into its deeds and truth discovery?

An occupation by a foreign entity that has historically pulled your country into endless wars, robbed, threatened, deceived, intimidated, disrespected, and even murdered your own country’s citizens? Consistently?

A foreign government that has blatantly interfered with elections, policy, and attempted on numerous occasions to undermine whatever semblance of democracy exists in your patria?

Could it be that you have come to deeply believe that, ‘as goes Palestine, so goes the world and humanity?

To all of this there is an all-inclusive answer.

It most definitely could be.

Stephen Brackens Brinkley

21 April 2021

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