Israeli Military run over Palestinian boy , won’t allow Paramedics to attend him, then tear gas the Paramedics!

This video shows the IOF/IDF (Israeli Occupying Force/Israeli Defense Force) running over a young Palestinian boy. When the paramedics arrive, the soldiers refuse to allow the Paramedics to
attend the injured boy and begin roughing them up. They insist that they need to attend medically to the injured boy, but as they are Arabs, the Israeli military treat them like they would
a criminal and begin spraying tear gas in the eyes of the Paramedics every one of them and subsequently the Paramedics themselves end up requiring medical assistance. The soldier in charge is absolutely out of control spraying tear gas at every Arab he sees.

The Israeli Military has a long history of brutalizing the Arab Population and recently have been targeting more and more the elderly, women and children. It is absolutely critical that an International Force be sent to the Israeli Occupied Territories in Palestine to protect the civilian population, half of whom are children.

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