“There won’t be any school tomorrow in Gaza, because we’ve killed all the Children!”

Brothers and Sisters, this photo truly breaks my heart.

This was after the ruthless invasion and attack of over a year ago by the Occupying Force Israel against the men, women and children of beloved Gaza. Seven weeks of living hell perpetrated against one of the most densely situated civilian populations in the world.

Nowhere to flee, nowhere to protect your babies, your loved ones. It was not a war, brothers and sisters, it was a massacre. In this photograph, young Israeli children are chanting, “There won’t be school in Gaza tomorrow, because we killed all the children.”

My God, such a thing for children to be thinking, let alone chanting out loud. No child is born hating another because of differences in skin color or language or religion. These things are taught. Children come to us so innocent, so precious, so impressionable. It is a mortal sin of the worst kind to fill their minds, hearts and souls with this poison, of hatred, bigotry and intolerance. The children in this photo are also victims , victims of a racist, apartheid system that keeps them completely isolated from their Palestinian child neighbors, so that their role models, the significant adults in their lives, can inculcate and cultivate this hateful perception and mindset.

Brothers and Sisters, we watch with horror what is transpiring in the Occupied Territories right now and one can plainly see the design of the occupying force and who it is focused on. It’s the children ! My God, what kind of monsters seek out to destroy innocents?

For this reason it IS IMPERATIVE that an international protection force be sent immediately to protect our Arab brothers and sisters and the little ones in Palestine! I beg you, please , in the name of God, in the name of humanity, in the name of these innocents, to support this campaign while they are still alive and able to be protected.

Please SIGN and SHARE these two petitions. God knows this is the absolute right thing to do. Please, if you can’t or won’t do it for your sake, or for my sake, might you be able to do it for THEIR sake, for the sake of the little ones? God knows they have a right to live , to have a secure and happy childhood and realize their dreams. I thank you from the depths of my heart and may God bless you and may He especially bless and protect these precious children. Amen.

Please family, click on the link below and show the world that we care. We care about our children. With all the love I know, Stephen.


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