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From Petition Leader: Stephen Brackens-Brinkley

Unarmed civilians are being systematically targeted by Israel in Palestine; and Syria civil war with ISIS persecution is now mass genocide.

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Why this petition matters:

Palestine gets no balanced media coverage. The impunity by Israel and the illegal settlers is beyond a crisis level. Taken from IMEMC News November 22, 2015…

Israeli Terrorists Burn Palestinian citizen of Israel to Death

author Sunday November 22, 2015 04:41author by IMEMC News & Agencies Report post

A group of Israeli terrorists burnt to death a 22 year old Palestinian citizen of Israel, identified as Fadi Hoosh.


Israeli police found the burnt body of the Israeli-Palestinian citizen inside a car in the garbage dump of the neighbourhood of Kafr Kannah.

Israeli media sources reported that the police decided to have the body autopsied, in order to know the reason of death, and to search for any hints related to the perpetrators.

Witnesses told ‘Days of Palestine’ that the car was damaged from the inside, that it did not appear to have been burned from outside.

Palestinian witnesses said that they saw a number of Israeli Jews attacking the 22-year old man, then putting him inside the car and setting it on fire.

“After a couple of minutes, they extinguished the fire and left him inside the car and very quickly fled the scene,” witnesses said.

Other Palestinian civilians who were burned alive by Israeli right-wingers since 2014:

Autopsy Report: Douma Baby was Burned Alive

Reham Dawabsha, Burn Victim from Israeli Arson Attack, Dies Of Her Wounds

Sa’ad Dawabsha, Father Of Burnt To Death Baby, Dies Of His Wounds

Although Israeli authorities were able to determine which Israeli settlers burned the Palestinian family to death, no one was charged:
Arson Suspects Released by Israeli Authorities

Autopsy: Muhammad Abu Khdeir Was Burned Alive

Palestinian, 16, Found Dead After Israeli Mobs March, Chanting “Death To Arabs”

Abu Khdeir Family: “We Demand Justice”



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  1. I now am denied entry to Israel for 5 years stamped in my US passport . I am of Lebanese descent on my father’s side and hence have an Arab surname, making me fair game for racial profiling by the IDF, COGAT, etc. As an academic and volunteer for five years Israel or more commonly referred to as Israhell would gran me entry to Gaza . Whenever I would ask to speak to a COGAT major regarding the status of my application to enter Gaza. The major would reply you have an Arab surname it will take longer for you. After two weeks they would approve it. The reason for denial into Israel ( was not going to Gaza this trip) was with a delegation to celebrate the olive harvest but I had plans to go to Jerusalem for historical sites, see what is going on, visit Bethelem University to see my friend’s Palestinian Natural Museun that he established. I was not sure if I wanted to meet the group in Ramallah and drive in a bus to Jenin. I might want to meet them at Jenin. I had changed my mind. Because IDF female officer asked to see my cell and saw a message I was meeting them in Ramallah, she didn’t believe me that I could change my mind. She violated my civil rights by reading my messages as if I were a terrorist. She, a man before her ( thought my last name was Jewish ” Shammes” it is Shammas and I answered his question correctly what a Shammes is and asked me why I didn’t practice”. Told him I was not Jewish. Asked me last time I was in Israel, told him 2013. Later second interrogator asked why I did not come in 2014 I told her my mother had medical issues, passed away and I had and still have a large estate to take care of), and third interrogator, who still tried to shake me down. They interrogated me from 2:30 pm to 7:30pm without having any food. I am a diabetic and they ignored my request to go to the cafeteria at the border. Staff person in waiting room promised me someone would escort me and nobody sent. Then they said cafeteria was closed and then after they denied me the staff person informed on my way out they would take me to a restaurant. All lies, particularly when interrogator 2 informed that I could have a Palestinian organization invite me starting today but the IDF would have to approve it. I told them by the time they would approve it –fat chance—-the delegation lasted only a week and festival over.

    Moral of the story IDF have borrowed the same Gestapo tactics that as being of the new Israeli generation their forefathers inflicted upon them . If you are of Arab descent –even US citizen–their ally–they can detain you , throw you into a dungeon for a few hours to a day–this goes for non-Arab “Free Palestine supporters—. And if you live there and are Palestinian think nothing of burning you to death . Like Nina Simone chanted during the civil rights movement , “Goddamn Mississippi”. I say now it is time yo chant “Goddamn Israel”.

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